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Falcon is proud to be part of the local community and actively supporting charitable and social associations.

Heart Kids New Zealand

Every week, 12 babies are born with a heart defect in New Zealand. Whilst there are surgical procedures that can improve the heart’s function, there is no cure for a Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).

Heart Kids New Zealand is the only charity that supports Kiwi children and families affected by CHD right through their life. They recieve no government funding, and have to fundraise for all the services provided.

Falcon and FEL Swtichboards are proud to support Heart Kids NZ. IF you would like anymore information please Click Here.

New Zealand Jet Sprints Association

The Riverside Jet racing track in Crownthorpe near Hastings opened in 2008.
Built in a spring fed lagoon, the natural waterway has been formed into an exciting series of islands which provides an ideal venue for Jetsprinting. With raised spectator banking on both sides of the challenging course everyone will be able to get a close up view of the high speed V8 Jetsprint action.

Falcon is proud to have been involved with the local Jetsprints since its inception, an annual event that has turned into a highly anticipated spectator event for many of our friends and clients.  For more details, Click Here.

Napier Community Parol


Falcon is proud to support our local community patrol in Napier. Community patrols are voluntary groups of people giving some of their time and taking responsibility within their own community to help the Police make the local community safer for everyone.

If you want to make a difference in your local community, get in touch and find out how you can help. Find out more here.

Hawke’s Bay Magpies

Falcon has been a proud sponsor of Hawke’s Bays local Rugby Union club – The Hawke’s Bay Magpies – for several years now, providing not only financial support, but technical support in the form of Electrical, Security and Data Networking services to the home stadium – Mclean Park. As a club, the Magpies are highly regarded, producing more than its fair share of quality All Blacks over the years. For more details, Click Here.