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At Falcon Electrical Ltd safety is our priority and we are committed to the protection of our employees, property and all other persons from accidental injury or loss from any work carried out by Falcon Electrical Ltd.

Our fundamental business objective is the continued good health, safety and welfare of all our staff and those we work with.

In meeting this commitment management will always comply with all legislative requirements and take all practicable steps to:

  • Provide a safe place of work, safe equipment and proper materials to do prescribed work.
  • Establish and insist that safe work methods are practiced at all times by Falcon Electrical Ltd staff.
  • Work with Sub-contractors and Customers to help identify safety issues specific to their locations. We follow a strict policy of reporting Health and Safety issues when identified by Falcon Electrical Ltd staff.
  • Provide supervision and training for all staff when and where required to perform all tasks required during any particular project or job.
  • Ensure all Falcon Electrical Ltd employees (including Sub-contractors) understand our Health and Safety policy and are Health and Safety policies of any customer sites we are contracted to work on. It is important to us that all Employees and Sub-contractors understand and accept their responsibility to promote a safe and healthy work environment at all times.

The following criteria form the basis of how we approach all works associated with projects and contracted jobs:

  • The Electrical Act 1992
  • The Electrical Regulations 2010
  • Health & Safety in Employment Act 2015 (HSWA)
  • AS/NZS 3000:2007 & NZ Codes of Practice
  • Falcon holds ACC Primary Level Accreditation.
  • Falcon Electrical Ltd follows and is certified to the Site Safe Standards