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In an effort to ensure continuous improvement throughout the company, and to provide appropriate standards of work for all clients, Falcon adheres to their SGS Accredited ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System. From initial client contact to final completion, Falcon endeavour to provide our valued customers with an approved design and engineering process, with quality and consistency throughout.

At Falcon, we are fully committed to the highest quality in our production and service. As a company we have a high profile in our community and are known for the high standard of workmanship we ourselves demand. We are dedicated to the successful conclusion of any and all electrical projects we commit to, on time, on budget, as promised.

Quality is assured through a system and process based approach to design, construction and testing of equipment manufactured or assembled by the company. All stages of a project are monitored and managed via this system, coupled with highly skilled and experienced Supervisors and Project Managers, dedicated to the Falcon Quality Standard. Manufacturing is on a scale that encourages ownership and pride in workmanship, associated with an individual producing a high quality, finished product.

As Master Eecanz_logolectricians, Falcon is a member of ECANZ (the Association of Electrical Contractors) who provides the consumer with a 12 month guarantee covering members’ workmanship from start date to completion of contract.

Selection and extensive ongoing training of staff are key factors to maintaining a skilled workforce. Falcon recognises the benefit gained from a combination of highly skilled and experienced employees as well as suitably selected staff training. To this end Falcon has developed its own in-house  Programmable Logic Controllers programming courses, further enhancing and diversifying the skill sets available to our customers.

Staff at Falcon are encouraged to be proactive and to contribute ideas to the methods used to control the quality approach of the Company. Through this approach and by harnessing the extensive skill and experience base we have Falcon has continued providing quality service and dedicated customised solutions to all our customers.
Despite the size of the company, the hands on nature of the Managing Director and the Management Team, enables the continued control of all levels of the business, retaining the customer and service focus we pride ourselves on.