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No matter the size of a project when switchboards are involved there is almost always an engineering component required.

Here at FEL Switchboards Electrical Engineering is a major part of our business. From Switchboard design to Automation and Process Control, and through to the final installation, having your project properly Engineered is critical to its success.

Our design and installation experience provides our customers with peace of mind. We take pride in the work we do, ensuring we meet compliance with the Electrical Standards at all times.

Form ratings, heat rise and fault current calculations are all compiled and checked during our design and Engineering process, allowing for quick changes to any designs during the initial stages of a project.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
At FEL Switchboards, all works comply with the current AS/NZS 3000 Electrical Wiring Rules, specifically making reference to section 2.9 – Electrical Switchboards.

We design and fabricate all our Electrical Switchboards to the AS 3439 Standards – Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies (Type-tested and partially type-tested assemblies). As part of our engineering process, we provide Type-tested solutions to our customers, maintaining a focus on quality and safety before anything else.

In addition to the AS/NZ Standards, we design, manufacture and comply with IEC 60439-1, referring to Type-tested Switchboards, switchgear and Form ratings.

Our reputation as a quality engineering firm, providing the best engineered solution to our customers, is important to us, just as finding the best Switchboard solution is to you and your business. We are dedicated to your business – we are your Switchboard partner.

At FEL Switchboards, we are committed to quality production and service. The company always strives to maintain a high standard of workmanship, in all things we do and we are fully dedicated to the successful conclusion of our Electrical Switchboard projects, on time, on budget, as promised.

Quality is assured through a systems based approach to design, construction and testing of equipment manufactured by the company, at all stages and throughout all processes. Manufacturing is on a scale that encourages ownership and pride in workmanship, associated with an individual producing the finished product. Highly skilled and experienced supervision is maintained throughout the entire design/ build process, providing a strong foundation to any project

Prior to and during the design process, we maintain close communication with our customers, listening to their requirements and proposing solutions to their needs. Once the final requirements are confirmed, our Design Engineers will draft a preliminary plan of the Switchboard, based on the site requirements and coupled with best practice and the current Electrical Standards.

During the build phase, we highly recommend customers visit our workshop to inspect the progress of their Switchboards, especially during Milestone moments. At these times, we can answer any further questions you have. Once the Switchboard is complete and all tests have been completed, we will provide all relevant documentation, including FAT test sheets, layouts and diagrams.

We adhere to the following standards at all times during the design and fabrication of our Electrical Switchboards, PDC’s and Control Panels:

  • AS/NZS 3000:2007
    • Section Electrical Switchboards
  • AS 3439.1:2002
  • IEC 60439-1
At FEL Switchboards, we only use the most up to date Switchboard software packages, to design and engineer our Type Tested Switchboards.

As a certified aCubic Logond highly accredited Cubic Switchboard partner, we maintain an actively updated design package referred to as Galaxy, comprising several functionally different engineering programs. This system allows us fabricate Cubic Switchboards, in a fictional computer generated space, giving us access to breakdown designs and the characteristics of individual components, including dimensions and weights. During the design process, we can manipulate and modify individual cells, sectioned towers or the entire Switchboard, allowing us to instantly adjust to a clients needs. Heat rise calculations, fault characteristics and dimensions can all be inspected during the design process, allowing for quick modifications or variations to design, to maintain compliance to code.

schneider120x44Working in Partnership with Schneider Electric, we utilise a software package called Rhapsody, which in itself, is a one-stop operational package. Providing extensive detail on not only the Schneider Prisma Switchboard system, but also the Schneider Switchgear, including MCB’s, MCCB’s, ACB’s and all the ancilliary Motor Protection. Using Rhapsody, we can calculate discrimination and cascading characteristics automatically, allowing us to quickly modifying a Switchboard design, potentially affecting the entire Electrical infrastructure, on any site using the Schneider gear. Project savings can be made and proven in near real time, during the design phase.

As part of FEautocadL’s Engineering process, our design team use EPlan and AutoCAD, to structure the electreplan140x195ical wiring of the Plant, Project or Factory. Incorporating existing and proposed new electrical systems into a controlledand highly effective design platform, we can either supply a standard circuit labeling solution for your Switchboardand field connections or incorporate an existing numbering system on site, creating a smooth and seemless connection between old and new.