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Custom design and manufacture

From your Med rectangle-0194initial design idea through to installation our team are with you all the way, listening to your needs and offering specialist advice to help provide the most efficient and effective switchboard for your project.  Every project is unique and our team has the expertise to design the ultimate solution for you.  By working closely with our customers we are able to streamline our solutions, anticipate and correct issues with third party or consultant designs and make the final installation as painless as possible.

Type tested

Med rectangle-0173All our switchboards are built to the highest standards and with the end user in mind.  We provide switchboards up to 7000A, all fully type tested to Form 4B.  We can also provide a withdrawable option.  We are fully accredited level 4 Cubic Switchboard partners as well as recognised Schneider Electric Prisma Switchboard partners.  We also provide engineered solutions for your automation needs.  With the introduction of the EN(IEC)61439-1/2, replacing IEC60439 and also the expected superseding of AS/NZS3439, the team at FEL Switchboards are up to speed with all the changes and welcome the improvement in standards and the alignment with international expectations.

Research and development

Continually up skilling our team and using the latest software means we are at the forefront of researching and developing new product ideas and utilising this information for our custom builds.   Using the latest computer aided design and simulation tools including AutoCAD Electrical ensures our designs are functional and compliant with all manufacturers’ standards with an emphasis on right first time.  Frequent exposure to many and varied industries keeps us aware of growing needs and changes in industry which we can draw on to assist with and enhance your solution.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

We are leading the way in custom designing and developing “off the shelf” switchboards to meet growing market needs, saving you money (with our economies of scale) and giving you an end product that has been tried and tested and is backed by  market leaders.

FEL Switchboards is part of an original group of manufacturers who gained recognition as Rockwell System Integrators in New Zealand.

FEL Switchboards as an original equipment manufacturer has recently designed and developed a pump control with many on-board smarts and wireless communication.  This is to stand alongside an already existing hardwired pump controller manufactured by FEL Switchboards for this market, with great success.  The development is the distillation of years of experience by our field service team in the commercial agricultural sector.  These are already built and installed in different locations with production to continue with a view to holding them as a stock item.

We’re here to help you develop products for multiple use from design and development to build and manufacture; give us a call today to chat about your ideas in total confidence and confidentiality.

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