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A well designed automated control system is key to the success of a modern manufacturing facility, no matter what your industry.

Rockwell System Integration

As a Rockwell Automation System Integrator we have accredited staff, with many years experience in the field of Industrial Process Control. We support existing systems, provide hardware and software programming, and offer consultancy throughout the design process. Although we may recommend preferred product, we currently maintain a broad product range for our clients and aim to provide quality support services to all. For more information about our System Integration Partnership, Click Here.

Process Control Specialists

For many years we have proudly offered modern, efficient solutions for almost any plant, including Timber Processing, Fertiliser Production, Meat/Food Handling, Canning Systems and Pump Control.

We keep abreast of all new developments in the industry and are constantly updating our own knowledge base of product and techniques to offer the best solutions to our customers.

PLC Support Services

Falcon invests heavily in the tools that are required to enable us to ensure that your plant runs at optimum performance and when there is a breakdown, we get you back up and running as  fast as possible.

We have a vast library of software tools bridging the years of PLC evolution; we can keep you running until you are ready to invest in new infrastructure.

We have on hand a stock of parts both legacy and current, backed up by a strong parts support network.

At our core we are Process Control and SCADA solution providers.