Renewable Energy

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Gain independence from rising power costs (55% increase over the last 10 years), realise a significant return on investment and live a greener way of life, at home or your business location!

And as a business striving to reduce its carbon emissions demonstrate to your market that you are environmentally responsible by installing renewable energy power.

We provide tailored renewable energy solutions, individual to your needs, using only tier 1* products.  Our team is dedicated to providing a solution that will meet your needs and will take the time to explain everything so that you fully understand the benefits of the options we are recommending.

Every installation is unique and we make sure you have the right advice to help you make an informed decision.

* Tier 1 is the highest quality product supplied from a proven supplier that can provide warranty backup for their products.

Invest in the right solution and start reaping the rewards.  Download and complete this enquiry form and let’s find the most cost effective solution for you.


We also provide ongoing support and offer service and maintenance packages to keep your system working at optimum output for its lifetime.

The Team at Falcon are keen to help you with your renewable energy project so give us a call or email us here!

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