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stream200x267In fairly simple terms, Hydropower or Hydro-electricity is the term given to electricity generated through the act of converting the kinetic energy of flowing (stream/ river) or falling (waterfall) water, into electrical energy via a water turbine and generator configuration. A portion of the available water resource is harnessed and driven past a water turbine, which is in turn connected to a generator. The rotational action of the turbine induces an electrical current within the generator, which is then harnessed by the local user. The amount of energy that can be collected through this process is proportional to the volume of water flowing past the turbine, the difference between the water source infeed and its corresponding outflow after the turbine and the hardware used to generate the electrical current.

Hydro-electricity is currently the most common form of Renewable Energy power generation in New Zealand, due to its relatively low running costs, it’s ease of operation and flexibility to react to and meet demands at the power plant level. As a means to generate electricity, Hydropower is considered a low impact process, requiring no fossil fuels to operate and leaving no or low toxic chemicals as an after effect of the process. As long as the water resource to a Hydro-plant is properly managed and maintained, Hydropower generation should remain the single most effective way to generate electricity in New Zealand for the foreseeable future.

At Falcon, we are proud to be able to offer our customers a Hydro power-plant solution for their home, business or rural farm location. As a New Zealand designed and built solution with a genuine global foot print, Powerspout is a complementary solution to the Falcon Renewable Energy Solar offering, allowing us to remain adaptable to our customers needs, capabilities, resources and final requirements.

For more information about how Falcon can provide you with an engineered, high quality solution to your hydro requirements, just contact us.


Even a small stream can generate consistent, clean, dam free, renewable electricity – a single PowerSpout at a site good enough to generate 1kW per hour can produce enough electricity for a typical house for a year (>8000kWh/yr), assuming the hydro turbine has access to constant water flow, day and night, all year round.

On the best of sites, PowerSpout turbines can generate up to 1600W each and are the most reliable, cost-effective micro-hydro generators available on todays market. With three flexible options – Pelton, Turgo and Low Head turbines – at Falcon, we are able to help you take advantage of whatever particular resource you have, be it a trickling stream or a roaring torrent.



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