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Our Security Services

  • Video Surveillance and CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Monitoring
  • Mobile access
  • Lease Agreements
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Fully Integrated Security Solution

Video Surveillance:

  • Improve the Health and Safety of Employees and management with live and recorded logging 24/7.
  • Protect your site against theft with video surveillance.
  • Integrate your surveillance system with your Access control and monitoring software.
  • Use your smartphone or PC to view your IP Cameras remotely.

Allow our team to provide a quote to upgrade your system using the latest HD IP technology.

Access Control:

  • Regulate who accesses your site, reduce traffic and minimise risk.
  • Integrate Gates, Mag locks, biometric scanning and swipe card entry for full control and an activity log of your site.
  • Control your system remotely through your PC and mobile device.


  • Improve site and process management through effective monitoring of contractors and staff.
  • Continuous activity logging of people and vehicles 24/7.
  • Improve health and safety compliance and risk reduction in hazardous areas through effective monitoring.
  • Evaluate incidents and optimise your production without ever entering the process area.
  • 24hr video and alarm monitoring direct to your first responders or off site management.

Observe – Supervise – Inspect – Manage

Lease Agreements:

  •  Do you want a cost effective security system with all the bells and whistles?

Talk to one of our team to discuss our available lease options.

Planned Preventative Maintenance:

  • Regular maintenance of your security system can drastically improve the life of your system and ensure improved continuous operation.
  • The Falcon team offer service packages to best maintain your system that are tailored to you.

Fully Integrated Security Solutions

  • Reduce overall costs and stress with a tailor made integrated solution which incorporates a security solution and data networking.
  • We can provide a number of software management options to best fit your market and system.
  • All our solutions save costs through our in-house turn-key capabilities.