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Health & Safety is everyones responsibility

At Falcon safety is our priority and we are committed to the protection of our employees, property and all other persons from accidental injury or loss, from any work carried out by Falcon. In meeting this commitment Falcon will always comply with all legislative requirements and take all practical steps to:

  • Provide a safe place of work, safe equipment and proper materials.
  • Establish and insist that safe work methods are practiced at all times.
  • Provide supervision and training for all staff, when and where required. Ensure all Falcon employees (including those working for Falcon on a sub-contractual basis) understand and accept their responsibility to promote a safe and healthy work place.

The following form the basis of all activities and are strictly adhered to at all times:

  • The Electricity Act 1992
  • The Electricity Regulations 2010
  • Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 with updated 2016 regulations.
  • AS/NZS 3000:2007 and NZ Codes of Practice
  • Falcon holds ACC Primary Level Accreditation
  • Falcon is a Site Safe Member and all Staff carry Site Safe passports.
  • Any site specific conditions and procedures are adhered to assuming they exceed the minimum Electrical standards in NZ and/or AUS. It is our expectation that all Falcon staff understand their own health and safety responsibilities and their responsibilities to others. It is our culture to encourage a proactive approach to daily operations and we encourage common sense in the workplace. Our company policies are at the heart of our operation and are all available to be viewed on request.